Bioenergetic Testing and Treatment:

Not only is the MSA and SRT an in depth assessment of your body’s energy capacity, it too, can assist in balancing your energy by choosing unique homeopathic remedies, nutritional supplements and electronic frequencies to bring your body into homeostasis.   

The assessment and treatment are both pain free, but extremely effective in recalibrating your energetic fields. 

Q: How long does the test take?

A: Approximately 20 minutes, then another 45 minutes to determine under lying causes and creating your unique protocol of remedies.

Q: How should I prepare for my session?

A: On the day of your assessment, please be hydrated by drinking several glasses of water (32 oz.), avoid coffee, and do not use lotion or oils on your feet and hands.

Q: What will I feel like afterward?

A: Most clients feel no differently than before the session. Some feel thirsty or a little tired because of the demands placed on the body during the baseline energy gathering process. Many clients leave excited that we have tapped into deeper layers and causes of their symptoms without invasive or expensive tests and pharmaceutical drugs. 

Q: How long will it take me to feel the effects of the treatment and use of the prescribed remedies/nutrients?

A: Homeopathic remedies support your body’s healing capacity, rather than overriding your body’s capacity to heal.  Unlike pharmaceutical drugs that cause effects and side effects, homeopathic remedies are gentle, commonly without side effect.  Due to their gentle nature and goal to support rather than suppress the immune system, the healing process may take a little longer.  Along with modifications in diet, exercise and rest, the remedies work faster in such a harmonious environment.  

Q: How often are Bioenergetic Assessments recommended? 

A: The initial Bioenergetic Assessment is a baseline measure of your energetics based on your 12 main meridians or energy channels.   

The assessment consists of: 

  1. MSA-Multiple Systems Assessment  
  2.  SRT-Stress Response Test  

After gathering baseline energy data, a homeopathic combination or nutritional supplement(s) is found that will be used as a carrier to help the client’s body introduce energies that need to be normalized, whether that means increased or decreased depending on the baseline measure.   

A follow up assessment is then scheduled between 6-8 weeks at which time we dig deeper and more specifically at any long-standing energy imbalances.  At the follow up appointment we recheck the initial baseline energies to ensure balance and adjust the homeopathic or nutritional remedies to further enhance the body’s attempt to balance.  

Depending on the client goals, future follow up assessments are scheduled.  Many choose to return for a 6 month and 12-month reassessment to not only seek guidance on how their body’s energies are functioning but also to update their homeopathic and nutritional remedy needs.  

Q: How much does the Bioenergetic Assessment cost? 

The initial Bioenergetic Assessment is priced at $225.00.   

Follow up Bioenergetic Assessments are priced at $125.00 

Homeopathic Remedies and Nutritional Supplements are at an additional cost to the client.  An average cost for Homeopathic Remedies ranges from $18.00-$50.00   Nutritional Supplements vary widely, but on average cost between $20.00-$75.00 


FUTURE BIOENERGY SESSIONS ARE SCHEDULED, Depending on the complexity of the client’s current health status and past medical history.   

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