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Sleeplessness – Difficulty Falling Asleep – Difficulty Staying Asleep – Fatigue – Wake Not Feeling Rested

Meet Dr. Ala Lysyk, DC, DACNB

Dr. Ala’s goal is to motivate and inspire patients to take responsibility for their health and in turn experience optimum health. Dr. Ala specializes in brain health and concussion assessment and management. She was inspired to study the brain after attending a symposium in 2001. Since that time, she has dedicated her time and energy to mastering the function of the brain. She has completed more than 2000 hours of postgraduate training in Chiropractic Functional Neurology. The spine and nervous system are paired both anatomically and functionally.  That which affects the spine and head, affect the brain and spinal cord.  They are inseparable and must be examined and treated with precision and the skills of a surgeon.  

Insomnia or difficulty sleeping is a complex issue. One must take a global approach to understanding why one is not sleeping well. Is it due a neurological, musculoskeletal or even biochemical or a combination of the three. Dr. Ala will perform a detailed history and comprehensive examination to get to the bottom of your sleeplessness and help get you on the path to recovery.

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