How Do I Start?

  1. You will first come in for a BIA and fill out some paperwork with your health history.
  2. A couple of days after your BIA you’ll meet with Dr. Ala to go over your health history, your goals, the results of your BIA and your lifestyle change program.  This is called a nutritional consultation.
  3. The next step is in your hands.  Often time the plan calls for a repair or detox phase that is usually 5 days long, although not all plans call for this.  Keep in mind each plan in written specifically for you!
  4. After the repair phase, if one is suggested, there will be general guidelines for you to follow for the next few weeks until your follow-up Nutritional consult with Dr. Ala .
  5. A few days before your next consult, you’ll again follow the BIA Guidelines , and have another BIA done. You will fill out some followup paperwork to give to Dr. Ala for feedback on how you did with the program.
  6. A few days to a week later you’ll meet with Dr. Ala for a follow up consultation.  At this appointment, based on your results, changes will be made to your plan and recommendations for continued success.

What is the cost?

Supplements: depends on the specific plan written for you.  This cost in generally higher to start as you are on higher doses.  Generally these high doses taper quite quickly.  Some products are recommended only until you’ve finished one bottle.  Others may be recommended to continue more long term.  Again, it just depends on your situation.  A good ballpark number for the cost to get started is usually around $130-150.  However, keep in mind each plan is different.

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